Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rottweiler, OUCH

Well we have a wonderful rottweiler around the neighborhood he is a big sweet bear, but yesterday i was playing with my pups at the abandoned school that every one goes to take there dogs of a leash and play, well he kept rubbing off on me, not humping , one of the times he stole a ball meant for my dog Thor and it was ok, common the dog is adorable, the second time i tried for it he did to we clashed, i bounced of him , seriously i bounced off him and i felt all my right side just hurt, it was like bouncing of a brick wall , ouch, he did not even flincht, he was hi i am cute. So today i woke up and the right side of me hurts bad, part of my back, butt and leg, it hurts when i bend over or sit, so lets not forget kids dont fight over a ball with a rottweiler, you might end up in a cast.

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